Well, yeah. IG (Instagram) one of the biggest engaging platform worldwide has been a chaos. Well if you don’t believe me, let me take you through all the type of people IG plays.

Checking in followers!
Checking who un-followed! He/she not following me I will un-follow. Third party apps to check insights.
“The World Of IG Is Just Not What It Looks Like. Isn’t It?”

Catching up with groups! Commenting in four words in a post too! Commenting “This is good, keep sharing” in everyone’s. Started neglecting the work of each creator.
And stopped supporting the work of others, to show the work of self.
“The World Of IG Is Just Not What It Looks Like. Isn’t It?”

“hey, nice as**
“hey, you are s*xy my d*ck is waiting for you”. “hey there, can we be friends” then trying her out.
It starts with building up relations, then destroying it on social world.
Sitting behind that screen,
playing with emotions of others.
“The World Of IG Is Just Not What It Looks Like. Isn’t It?”

I will follow you from @xyz account. Can you follow my @abc account.
This is becoming a common tactics now.
Few people will follow you from their non-active page and will ask you to follow their primary active page. Be careful, no need to fall for such sh*t. Follow and follow back from one same account only.
“The World Of IG Is Just Not What It Looks Like. Isn’t It?”

“You don’t have any proof i stole your content”
“I will hack your account too, and will do rape to you”
Stealing contents, paying for fake followers,
scaring on social media, commenting bad in comments.
Well, yes this is IG for you now.
The most engaging platform worldwide is becoming a point a concern now.
“The World Of IG Is Just Not What It Looks Like. Isn’t It?”

So, well you all had a glimpse off all the variety, as I have said, the final part will be by me (Pratik Sinha) aka @theonewaytalks.
“let’s talk”

Yeah, I too have commented on few people post like I have said in previous post “This is really good” and fake comments, because those few deserve that, after how they reverted to me.

Well, that left me in the same place and it made me the same person as they are. So, previous month I started engaging and appreciating the work of others. It’s been few weeks till now, and it felt good, and it sometimes helps you see a better perspective about how people are writing, and let me make it clear, after those writings out there on online world, I am nowhere and there are many people way more better than me, and I am nowhere literally.

Just telling me one thing everyday “Keep Learning”

“Just for once, try not to run behind followers you will feel yourself in you. Trust Me!”

This world of IG in front is different, but the DM section is the place, where unexpected things happens.
Sharing private photos, harassment online, commenting pervert lines, DM on rape, the word of IG is really not what it looks like.
It’s no reason to get afraid, it’s the time to be against such people. Trust yourself, your contents, your inner self, and have faith, cause one day people against you, will be standing below you.

All I could say to you is,
Contentstrust yourself
Bullyingdon’t get afraid of them
Sharing negative photosreport them
Harassmentreveal them to public
Engagement of posttrust your content

Don’t let the creative spot, be destroyed by hunger of followers.
We all have the needs for followers, but one moment it will start haunting us back.
This yours @theonewaytalks signing off.
Be yourself, keep creating contents. Trust yourself, be creative!

Stay tuned @theonewaytalks

©Pratik Sinha

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